Tony Blair and The Third Pig Detective Agency…

…are just two of the features in the latest edition of  Words with Jam


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“As well as Tony Blair On Himself, cover author, Bob Burke, talks about his path to publication; David Robinson explores the advantages of e-book as a medium for your work; we are pleased to have been asked once again to feature the results for the second quarter of Flash 500, and there’s an article on How Not to Lose Friends and Alienate People. 
Not to be missed, Catriona Troth has some tips on getting the most from your library card. There’s more satirical letters in Dear Ed. Manager of the Canterbury branch of Waterstones tells us why bookshops WILL survive. And Anne Stormont comes back with part two of Just Do It.
Gillian Hamer explores the phenomenon that is Stieg Larsson; Danny Gillan gives us a piece on The Right to Write as well as another Comp Corner challenge to stretch us; and Michelle Romaine explains Microsoft Word’s Track Changes with a quick How To guide. 
Oh, and Perry finally reveals what happened to his cat …”

Marketing and Publicity

Sorry about the delay between posts. I’m still new to this blogging malarkey! So what’s been happening in my writing world? January and February have been taken up with marketing ‘Change of Life’. I’ve done a radio interview on the local independent radio station. It was great fun to do and I felt like a proper celeb with a book to promote. I’ve posted review copies to bookshops and anyone else of influence who I think might be willing to read and review/recommend. Several branches of Waterstone’s and Blackwell’s have agreed to stock it and it’s going on the Waterstone’s recommends table in a couple of branches.  I must say I’ve found the Waterstone’s staff to be particularly helpful and welcoming to a first -timer. I’ve approached several book festivals as well. I’ve a couple of other promotional angles to try but that’s largely it for now.

I’m itching to get on with novel number two – of which, more later.

The only new writing I’ve done in 2010 is an entry in children’s story competition. I find myself quite drawn to writing for children – my day job as a primary school teacher helps – not least because I have a captive audience  on whom I can inflict my attempts for comment. My pupils are very tolerant of Mrs Stormont’s scribblings and offer constructive but honest criticism. 

But it’s the writing of intelligent (I hope) books for intelligent women that really pushes my on switch.

I promise to post much more regularly and frequently from now on. I’ll keep you updated on all my writing but especially on how novel two is going. I’ll also post helpful tips and sources of info for fellow writers.

Please do post your comments in reply to my postings.