Competition Win

Last Friday I was invited to read  out my competition winning entry at the end-of-term assembly at the school where I teach. It was about twins, Fergus and Fiona, and some dinosaurs. I was delighted when the 200 or so children (aged 3 to 12) all sat very still and quiet as I read, and then they burst into applause at the end. Quite a buzz!

Competitions are very good discipline for aspiring writers. You have a deadline and a specific brief – very good for focussing the mind. Some judges also provide feedback which is a very useful bonus.

Success – two years running!

I heard last night that I’ve won the Children’s Story Competition at the Edinburgh Writers’ Club for the second year running. Lari Don, children’s author, was the judge. I live too far away from Edinburgh nowadays to attend the club meetings, but I’ve kept up my membership in order to enter the competitions and to remain connected to this network of writers. So it was Lari Don who read out my story to last night’s meeting. I’m told she read it like the wonderful storyteller she is – and that there was applause. She apparently also said that I was the clear winner right from the start.

I am just so incredibly pleased!! All day today I’ve been experiencing spontaneous bursts of smiling and laughing as I remember the lovely news.