January Mindful Writing Challenge – days 26 to 31

And so here are the final five days ‘stones’…

Nov 20th 2010 Geary 028

26. Wild, wet Sunday. Gusting to gale force makes the roof flex. Safe and warm indoors. Elemental versus fundamental – eternal battle.

27. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – awareness.

28. Decision made; a good decision just for having been made; a right decision. The time has come. The momentous in a moment.

29. Thoughts: fleeting, rippling, tangenting; serious, speculative, fearful, frivolous, uncharitable, affectionate. CONSTANT. But they are welcome to float by…

30. The new moon and Venus hang, ice-bright in a navy-blue sky. Cosmic signposts. Eternity fleetingly viewed.

31. Another day, another week, another month. The ups and downs of life keep it flowing, depositing good and bad, giving it flavour.

Thanks again to Satya at Writing Our Way Home  for setting the challenge. I’ve really enjoyed it.

January Mindful Writing Challenge days 20 to 25

Lichen encrusted bench


20. Focus on hope. A shield, a rock, a comforter – on a very trying day.

21. Fatigue, sleeplessness, stress; take time to reset, note the now, the now of a breath, the now that is okay.

22. Acceptance; this too will pass. Comfort taken from a thoughtful gift. A gift that says, ‘Chin up. I understand’.

23. Cool, fresh bed linen. That moment of lying down and of laying aside. How beautiful it is to rest.

24. Connection. Advice sought and freely given. Appreciation, recognition. Gratitude.

25. Me and him in sun and rain, step out, pacing ourselves. Walking side by side in time and space. Always.

January Mindful Writing Challenge days 14 to 19

Here are my next six mindful stones:

A Jan day of snow 2011 021


14. Spirit low. Step out, wood smoke, blackbird, child’s laughter, ice-cold air, mountain’s downslope, hope…

15. Olive-oiled, spitting hot tomatoes; crackling, melted cheese, toasted pinenuts, green-fragranced basil and al dente pasta. The present of a meal.

16. In the dip between the peaks there is light.

17. Pause; 31 years ago today it was snowing in Glasgow and I gave birth to a son. Joyful then, joyful now. Gratitude.

18. Stillness, earth’s damp scent and the chill of the wind, peace, perspective in a moment taken.

19. Birdsong awakens me. No longer the solitary winter song of the robin; more trilling voices acknowledge the earlier dawn. The world moves on.