January Mindful Writing Challenge – days 26 to 31

And so here are the final five days ‘stones’…

Nov 20th 2010 Geary 028

26. Wild, wet Sunday. Gusting to gale force makes the roof flex. Safe and warm indoors. Elemental versus fundamental – eternal battle.

27. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – awareness.

28. Decision made; a good decision just for having been made; a right decision. The time has come. The momentous in a moment.

29. Thoughts: fleeting, rippling, tangenting; serious, speculative, fearful, frivolous, uncharitable, affectionate. CONSTANT. But they are welcome to float by…

30. The new moon and Venus hang, ice-bright in a navy-blue sky. Cosmic signposts. Eternity fleetingly viewed.

31. Another day, another week, another month. The ups and downs of life keep it flowing, depositing good and bad, giving it flavour.

Thanks again to Satya at Writing Our Way Home  for setting the challenge. I’ve really enjoyed it.

January Mindful Writing Challenge – days 7 to 13

As Promised in the previous magazine post for January, here are the next six stones…


Stones 7 to 13 in the January Mindful Writing Challenge

7. A pause, a realisation, things move on. This too will pass.

8. Right now it’s okay. Bits are better than okay. Right now all’s well.

9. A return to order, freshness and calm. Housework done mindfully – a restorative ritual.

10. Teaching-and-learning – a mysterious loop, a mystical helix, a magical marvel.

11. A gathering – a warm and welcoming house and hosts – good craic and sustenance – the blessing of belonging.

12. Robin needs to eat. Hunger overcomes fear. He takes the seed from my hand. A timeless, magical moment.

13. Amidst tiredness and stress – a moment taken to say I understand – a mindful, comforting moment.


Written as part of this month’s writing challenge on the ‘Writing Our Way Home’ website. Click link in title above to find out more about the challenge.