Final two pebbles – a last ripple in the River of Stones

Stepping stones across the River Carra.
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So, here we are – across the river, on the last day of the  #aros – A River Of Stones project. I have really enjoyed taking these little moments out of each day and recording a single observation. Sometimes I’ve been surprised by the thoughts that have suggested themselves. I also decided to keep the stones within twitter’s 140 character maximum – I didn’t have to do that but I liked the discipline of it. I’m not good at brevity 🙂

I plan to transfer all my little stones to an AROS page here on the blog.

 It’s something you could try for a month any month, and it needn’t be for publication – it could just be set down in a notebook. At the end of the month you have little meditations that are especially pertinent to you. 

Thanks again to Fiona Robyn whose idea the AROS project was.

Jan 30th

Sunday bliss – Golden, oven warm cookies – apricots, sultanas and oats, dipped in Taylor’s Rich Italian Blend coffee.

Jan 31st

January – a journey of moments that has not been about the destination.

AROS – a fourth set of steps across the river

Stepping stones, River Wharfe, Hebden, Yorkshire
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 Almost across the river of stones. There will be two more for Sunday and Monday and I’ll post them next week.

Jan 23rd

On my desk – a soapstone penguin, a heart of smooth polished wood, blue glass paperweight and a notebook – meaningful, thoughtful gifts.

Jan 24th

Outside grey, damp and cold. Sea in wind-whipped turmoil. But inside – inside me, I sense a return of equilibrium and a measure of peace.

Jan 25th

For Auld Lang Syne – school-choir solo part in ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’ –  reciting ‘To a Mouse’ – ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ over haggis, neeps and tatties – and a lifetime of teaching your poetry and songs. Cheers, Rabbie.

Jan 26th

Sun tries hard to break through, grey lurks on the ridge and at the horizon. But, at last, there’s more light than dark.

Jan 27th

Shona, fiery, red-haired beauty, formidable matriarch. You command respect my magnificent highland heifer.

Jan 28th

A clear day. Early sun, orange orb over Ben Tianavaig with pale, crescent moon in the west. Universe goes on regardless.

Jan 29th

Five little girls watch me at my desk. Sunday best and monochrome smiles. In those faces, I imagine I can see spectral foretraces of what was to come – for me and my sisters.

AROS – a third scattering of small stones

Tafoni and Pebbles, somewhere
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This is my third instalment of small stones for the  #aros project. (To see first two parts and to read an explanation of what this project is about, please see my Jan 7th and Jan 15th posts ). I hope you enjoy them.

Jan 16th

Pressure-washed by gale-driven rain, earth softens. Starlings and rock doves jab the grass. Snowdrop bulbs peep through.

Jan 17th

You came into life feet first, skipped to school, strolled to college, strode to work. And still in step with life. Happy Birthday, son.

Jan 18th

Lunch – egg laid and collected today, bright yellow grain-fed yolk and thick silky white, mashed with creamy mayo on wholemeal, home-baked bread. Eaten-mindfully. Good times.

Jan 19th

Full moon pours white light onto the surface of the loch. It shines through a chiffon cloud and Orion stands guard in a navy blue sky.

Jan 20th

Affirmation and kindness have been the order of today. A conversation, a meditation, a meeting and an email made all the difference.

Jan 21st

A rare, deep sleep, a necessary dream, gave comfort and revelation.

Jan 22nd

Saturday morning, a second cup of tea, a long phone blether with my darling daughter, then a pause of quiet contemplation. Time to breathe.