Pebble 26

English: A Sleeping moon in a cap.

Insomnia – an old acquaintance. Lights on in some neighbouring houses tell me I’m not the only one who isn’t tucked up. I sit in the night-quiet living-room, sipping camomile tea, reading, hearing the ticking clock, waiting for my eyes to fall heavy. Hoping to get a couple of hours before dawn.

Welcome to the January River – a month of mindful writing

As I mentioned before, I’m taking part once again in A River of Stones (AROS) – a mindful writing challenge during the whole of  January . The plan is to write and post a small ‘stone’ every day throughout January. You can find out more from the Writing Our Way Home blog – just click on the link in the sidebar – or read my November 26th 2011 post. The idea is to pay attention to one small thing every day and to record any observations, thoughts, reflections…

Here is the first one:

Life indented in lines and tracks. Small, strong, dexterous. Softened by a loving Christmas gift of silken cream. My old, familiar hands.