Part subversive old bat; part sweet old grandma; but, just sometimes, the rational, balanced and intelligent part breaks out...
Part Writer;  Part subversive old bat; Part sweet old grandma;


Hello and thanks for visiting Put it in Writing – my home on the web. My name is Anne Stormont and I’m a writer. I’ve written stories since I was a child. I began by making up stories to tell to my four little sisters. Then I wrote plays for me and my friends to act out. There’s rarely been a time in my life when I’ve not been making up and writing down stories. But, because I was busy being a school teacher as well as a wife and mother, it took a very long time to get my first book written. I mainly write contemporary romantic fiction but I have also written a novel for children.

I was born in Scotland. I grew up there and it’s where I still live. But I’ve also travelled all over the world. My travels have included a teaching exchange to South Africa, two trips to Australia and several visits to the Middle East. In fact I’ve visited every continent except Antarctica – somewhere I really want to go as I absolutely love penguins.

I’m a compulsive crossworder, yoga practitioner, avid reader, keen walker and gardener. I can be a bit of a subversive old bat, but I try to maintain a kind heart.



The HOME page is where you’ll find my blog.

I do three types of posts.

  •  I post about my books, my work in progress, and all the other things that make up my  life as a writer.
  •  I do regular *book reviews* of books I’ve enjoyed.  I read and review all sorts of books across several genres, including non-fiction.
  • I share my middle-aged/old-aged, biased and often unscientific opinions, insights, and reflections on life.

I enjoy engaging with my readers, so do leave your comments and feel free to share my posts via your social media platform of choice.

The MY BOOKS page is where you’ll find information and buying links for my books. (You can also click on any of the book titles here on this page if you wish to make a purchase).



I began taking my writing seriously after being diagnosed with cancer. I did a deal with fate that if I survived, I’d stop procrastinating. I survived and adopted a seize the day mentality – both about writing and life in general.


In 2010 My first novel, Change of Life was published.

In 2014, I published my second novel, Displacement.

In 2018, Settlement was published. It’s a sequel to Displacement but can be read as a standalone.

If forced to classify my novels, I’d say they were contemporary romantic fiction where the romance is mixed in with other issues. They probably appeal mostly to the post chick-lit,  older, but not necessarily wiser, woman. I hope they show that there’s life after forty, fifty – and beyond. I hope, too, that as well as being entertaining they something meaningful about the dilemmas, conflicts, challenges and joys of life in general.



In 2015, my writing brain ambushed/coaxed me into writing for children, so, as my alter-ego Anne McAlpine, I published The Silver Locket. This novel is aimed at children around nine to twelve years of age and it’s a fantasy adventure story where three 21st century school friends find themselves back at the Battle of Culloden in the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie.



Facebook: I have two author pages on Facebook, one for each identity and they are here for Anne Stormont and here for Anne McAlpine.  I post all my book  related news to these pages.

Twitter: I’m on Twitter here as @writeanne



*I do not accept book review requests*






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  1. Hi Anne,

    glad to discover that you are a primary school teacher interested in writing. I research children’s literacy development and am the first person in the world to have rewritten their PhD thesis as a (trilingual!) children’s book. I’ll send you a copy if you provide and address (can also be the address of your school if you prefer)


    (PS thanks for the great review…)

  2. Hi Joan,
    Thank you for your comments. I was very happy to do the review of your book.

    Yes, I’m a teacher and yes I’d be very interested in your thesis. It does indeed sound unique! I’ll email you my address.

    Anne 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, I’ve recently created a wordpress blog called Novels Now and I’ve put a page on there of the Edinburgh Writers’ club members’ Novels. I’ve just added you and your book and a link to your blog and signed up to see your posts in my reader. I’ve set up my blog because I’ve a historical romance coming out as an e-book on 3rd May. It’s called Mariah’s Marriage and it’s with MuseItUp. There are a lot of novelists around in the club. Anne Stenhouse (aka Graham)

  4. Hi Anne,

    A couple of years ago you were kind enough to write an Amazon review for my e-book, As Happy As Ling. I’m not sure if you’re still reviewing books, but my novel got picked up by a publisher and released under the title, Happy That It’s Not True –and I was wondering if you would consider reviewing it. The new version is more concise and easier to understand,.


    Please let me know if you need a copy. I can also send you an electronic version if you wish.

    Thank you,

    Carlos Aleman

  5. Hi Anne,
    I have a invitation for you. I have a recently completed short story,
    ‘Breakfast is Severed’ which follows a man through a changing world after the life he knows is ripped away. America is in upheaval in the wake of a global food shortage. He learns, all too quickly, how we are all part of a precariously balanced community and when the balance is lost; society is devoured by the chaos of desperation.
    I would love for Put-It-In-Writing to follow David Cameron as he tries to survive this new hell.

    My story is available (free) in multiple formats via http://hotpepperpublishing.weebly.com/
    I would very much appreciate it if you were to read and review this work.

  6. Hi, Anne. I wanted to personally thank you again for reading and your kind words. If it’s not too much trouble, I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to leave an Amazon review for me. If time is short, I completely understand, but I figure there’s no harm in asking. Either way, I appreciate it. Here’s the link, just in case.


  7. Hi there Anne! I’ve always wanted to see the Scottish Highlands but because I flunked driving through the Cotswolds, the Scottish government has banned me from their roads! Can you walk it? ; )

    • Hi Jan, thanks for visiting the blog. Yes, lots of parts of the highlands are walkable – indeed that’s the best way to see the area. 🙂

  8. Hi Anne! I read your interview on Marsha’s blog and thought I’d take a peep here! I’m looking forward to exploring! Pleased to meet you, Marina

  9. How interesting to read about you. I’m very envious that you actually put pen to paper and have written books! I love writing and have books inside me, two memoirs I want to write, but just can’t get started. Do you have any tips for beginners like me?

    • Hello Georgie, thanks you for visiting the blog and taking the time to comment. As far as how to get started as a writer is concerned – that’s a very good question.

      The simple answer is ‘just do it’ – turn up at your desk, kitchen table or wherever and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.
      The more detailed answer is – yes, ‘just do it’ – but do it in a way that’s not self-critical. Don’t expect a novel to appear, but just flex those writing muscles. Do some ‘free’ writing every day -where you just write whatever pos into your head even if it means writing about how there’s nothing in your head and how that makes you feel. Set a specific time – 2 minutes, or 5 or 10…But make sure you show up. If you’re keen on memoir than yo could move on to writing a character sketch of someone in your family, or a house you have lived in or the first film you remember watching. If you want to develop a novel, maybe begin with a character -write their one page biography or interview them about their life.
      There are lots of excellent books on writing – Natalie Goldberg, Stephen King, Anne Lamott to name just three authors of different approaches to the ‘how-to’.
      The main thing is to relax and enjoy it. I wish you all the best with your writing.

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