May Story Chat: “Nailing It” by Anne Stormont

I was delighted to be invited by writer and blogger Marsha Ingrao to share one of my short stories as part of the story chat feature on her blog. Below is Marsha’s post where you can read my story. I hope you enjoy. And many thanks to Marsha.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Welcome to Story Chat

Friends, I want to welcome both YOU and this month’s author,Anne Stormont, toStory Chat. This month’s Story Chat, a “family drama” that never seems to end between a mother and daughter.

When you’re done be sure to click on Anne’s links to read .

“Nailing It”

by Anne Stormont

“Stop it,” Evie begged. She looked at the pile of dirty dishes – her mother’s best china. Mother had insisted that everyone should come back to the house for tea, insisted on the good cups and saucers.

“Should have done them last night,” her mother repeated. “I said, didn’t I? But, oh no, too lazy for that––or too drunk.”

“Drunk?” Evie said. “You know I don’t drink.”

“Oh, really? I wasn’t cold in my grave yesterday and you were at it.”

“One whisky, Mother, at your wake – to warm me up. It…

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6 thoughts on “May Story Chat: “Nailing It” by Anne Stormont

  1. Hi Anne, Your story has been an incredible success on Story Chat. Congratulations. I hope it has been a good experience for you. Tomorrow the final summary of the story along with highlights from the chat come out. The chatting went in unexpected ways, but the thought of sitting around with people blasting out what they think and arguing with each other is what you want to achieve from my perspective. It took the short story out of the realm of a simple romance and moved it to drama for whatever that is worth. I personally loved the story as I’ve enjoyed all your stories. I agree with Doug that you are a gifted writer. 🙂

    • Thank you, Marsha – compliments accepted 🙂 Yes, indeed the story chat experience has been fun, interesting and positive for me. I agree with what you say about the discussions moving the story from short story to drama.

      • I’m so glad it was a good experience for you. I was thrilled with it and I do hope you will expand the story and turn it into a book. It’s got great bones. BTW, Geoff apologized for not complimenting you on your writing. He jumped right into the story feet first with gusto. 🙂

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