Apology Post

Just a quick apology to those of you who subscribe to this blog by email or who follow my blog announcements on Twitter.

That’s twice now I’ve been trying – and failed – to schedule upcoming posts and instead of scheduling them for a future date, which I can normally do no bother, they’ve published immediately – and I had to unpublish them as they were too early. WordPress – where this blog is hosted – has a recently gone over to a new way of working and I’m having a bit of a struggle with it. So sorry – will try harder in future.

So please, do ignore the last two notifications re new posts. These posts will now go live on 31st August and 7th September respectively – I hope!

Have a good weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Apology Post

  1. Yeah, this is a problem… I had that happen to me as well. So, on the right side of the editor, if you have the “setting” open (that little cog-wheel symbol) you should see to the left of that two choices (which are actually tabs). One says “post” the other says “block”. Click on “post” and below that you should see “Status & Visibility” with either a V or an ^. If you see the ^ then click on that to get the options. You should then see the word “publish” with the word “immediately” next to it in blue. If you click on “immediately” you should get to the scheduling page. After that, if you make changes, the word “Publish” in white lettering on a blue button should change to “Schedule” which is the new “save”! Insane that they make us go through hoops like this.

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