So Where Were We? The new normal as the brain fog clears #Covid #writing #coping

A Weirdly Different World

When I said in my previous post that I’d be taking a couple of weeks away from the blog in order to press on with preparing my latest book for publication I certainly didn’t foresee how things would have changed for all of us by the time I got back here.

But before going any further I just want to say welcome to this safe and germ free online space. Thank you for dropping in and reading my ramblings. I hope you’re managing to stay well and to cope with all the ramifications of the Covid-19 virus wherever you are in the world and whatever your personal circumstances.

The C-word and me

I’m fortunate in that, as a writer, I work from home – at least as far as the creative side of things goes. But because of the virus protection measures I’ve obviously had to suspend any author talks, workshops and live book launches, but at least I have this online space – and other social media sites – where I can continue to interact with my readers and fellow writers.

However, I must admit that I’ve been finding it impossible to focus on work for the last two or three weeks. Getting my head around the all the cancelled events – professional and personal – and the full implications of social-distancing has been hard. That along with my concern for my own wellbeing, and that of others, has used up all my mental and emotional energy. I suspect it’s been the same for many of us.

But the brain fog is gradually clearing and I think/hope I’m getting to used to the new normal. I’m trying to remain positive. And I keep reminding myself I’ve a lot to be grateful for.


I’m grateful that I can keep myself safe – I have a home with a garden, I live in a quiet village with uncrowded streets and paths to walk on, I have enough money and food and I don’t live alone. I’m grateful to all our wonderful NHS (UK health service) staff – including my own sister who is a nurse at one of Scotland’s biggest hospitals – to the shopworkers, delivery drivers, bin collectors, teachers, train and bus drivers and to anyone else who is working to ensure vital services can still operate.

But, yes, I admit I still get anxious and afraid at times, and I don’t think I’ll be learning a new language or undertaking any other ambitious project to see me through – However, I do now have a plan.

The Plan

It’s an outline plan – and, most importantly, it’s flexible according to my mood. So, I plan to continue my writing work, but it’s going to have to fit around purely therapeutic activities.

The therapeutic activities that work for me are the things I’ve always done to aid my wellbeing, but for now they’re going to be my main focus. So my days will include a daily walk, doing some yoga – our local yoga teacher is doing her classes online for the duration – listening to music and of course reading. And in the absence of outings and a ‘real world’ social life, the more I’m keeping in touch with family and friends via video calls, WhatsApp groups and good old-fashioned phone calls.

As for writing, my focus will be on getting my delayed new book out and so I aim to see Fulfilment published later this month. I also plan to crack on with a new book – a new book that will be Covid-free. Yes, the imaginary world is a nicer place – a place of refuge – and I get to be in charge 🙂

The New Book

Fulfilment is the third and final part of my Rachel and Jack Skye series. During this month I’ll post the cover and a preview of the story. And if you haven’t read the first two in the series, there will also be special offer price reductions on Displacement and Settlement coming up – so watch this space.

Don’t Miss Out

And to be sure of getting news of the launch of the new book or the special offers, do sign up to follow this blog by email.

Blog Casualty

I know! I know! There was no Book of the Month post here for March. Apologies. Excuses – see all of the above. I’m suspending this feature for now. But I will do a reading related post very soon – which will include recommended reads from March and beyond.

Stay Safe

Thanks for dropping in and thanks for your interest and stay safe and well, everyone. But before you go, do leave comments below. How are you coping during this difficult time? What are your recommended tactics and strategies? What books would you recommend to get us through?

And remember, this too will pass.









15 thoughts on “So Where Were We? The new normal as the brain fog clears #Covid #writing #coping

  1. I’ve been caring for my mum, so keeping isolated isn’t as much of a burden. I’m keeping myself busy knitting hot water bottles. 🤭

    • Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting and taking the trouble to comment. I’m glad you and your mum can be company for each other at this time. Well done with the knitting. Keep well both of you.

  2. Morning Anne – books and walks keeping me sane. Recently read and recommend The Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves, The 24 Hour Cafe by Libby Page and In Five Years by Rebecca Serle.

    • Hi Joanne, yes books and walks are my main refuge too at the moment. Thanks for the reading recommendations – all noted and I’ll fetch them for my Kindle when I leave here 🙂 I know I’ll enjoy anything recommended by you. Stay safe and thanks for popping in here.

  3. Hi Anne, As you know, I’ve been trying to cope by writing a daily diary, reading loads of Georgette Heyer and cooking – much soup. What’s App and Skype for family interaction have been a lifeline. a daily walk, with one miss, has kept up the fresh air quota and provided outside scope for the blog. Fiction has been a near impossibility, but I did send off one short story to my magazine ed who is working from home. Surreal doesn’t begin to cover it. Anne

    • Yes, I’m enjoying your daily diary posts. Oh, Georgette Heyer – I read and enjoyed a lot of her books years ago now – must go and seek her out again. YAnd, yes, walks and those internet calls are indeed a lifeline at the moment. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Stay safe.

  4. So nice to see you here, Anne. I sense we were all feeling the same. Keep calm and write on!! It should be our new motto. This has been a shock to the system to be sure. I too am thankful for my blogging buddies.

  5. Hello, Anne Glad you’re safe and well. Reading is a lifeline for me (but that’s nothing new); technology is a huge boon in being able to stay in touch with family and friends – and the good old-fashioned telephone too; I do Joe Wicks’ 10 minutes of exercise for seniors (!) every morning and a session on new exercise bike while catching up on A Good Read (R4) on iPlayer. Thankful for all these things and more.

  6. Hi Anne Good to hear you are keeping safe and well. We were supposed to be going to India on holiday last month but it got called off 2 days before we were due to travel. We were gutted but with hindsight it was just as well with all that has happened since. Have been keeping busy with a list of all the jobs that we hadn’t got round to yet. I am having my piano lessons on Skype and we have joined Gareth Malones choir which has a practice Monday to Friday at 5.30. Now the weather is getting warmer the garden will get some more attention. Missing friends and family but trying to keep in touch with technology. Son and daughter live locally and have been getting shopping for us as Frank has health issues so needs to keep isolated.
    Looking forward to the new book. Have read the first two.
    Count your blessings, we will come through this
    Kathleen xx

    • Hi Kathleen, you sound like you’ve got plenty to keep you occupied. I’m impressed you’re having piano lessons. Thanks for dropping in here and for reading my books 🙂 Stay well.

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