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Book Review: The Angel in the Stone by R L McKinney @BexMcKinney @sandstonepress #bookreview #MondayBlogs

The Angel in the Stone

Beautifully told story of grief, trauma and healing

The Angel in the Stone is a life-affirming, beautifully told story where the themes are of love, acceptance and healing are woven into the fabric.

Dealing as it does with bereavement, dementia and sexual assault a prospective reader of this novel might think they were in for a depressing read. But they’d be wrong.

As in this author’s previous book, Blast Radius, which I reviewed here, difficult and challenging issues are dealt with in a truthful, but non-sensationalist way, and are crafted into a moving, credible and rewarding read.

The main characters of Calum, his mother Mary, and his daughter Catriona have various issues to work through in the complicated relationships they have with each other. All three are skilfully drawn – flawed but likeable. And, importantly the supporting cast are portrayed and used effectively

The novel is set in north-west Scotland and the excellent descriptions of this stunning landscape are used to good effect to add to the sense of brooding and of drama.

Overall this is a book about love – love in its many forms and with all its imperfections.

Back Cover Blurb:

Having returned to his childhood home in the West Highlands, Calum leads a quiet life. More than two decades after his brother Finn fell to his death, he still relives the event and struggles to find peace of mind. It isn’t so easy, however: his mother, Mary, has Alzheimer’s Disease and his estranged daughter Catriona has arrived out of the blue. Unexpectedly, Calum has his mother and daughter living with him and the house becomes a crucible of old resentments, disappointments, unspoken revelations and fragile but enduring love. Together and separately, Calum, Mary and Catriona retrace the events that have brought them to this point and made them who they are.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Angel in the Stone is published by Sandstone Press and is available as a paperback and as an ebook.

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