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Book Review: Champagne For Breakfast by Maggie Christensen @MaggieChriste33 #MondayBlogs #BookReview


My Review:

I suspected I’d enjoy this book as I’ve liked earlier books by this author. And I was right. I enjoyed Champagne for Breakfast very much. I usually gauge how much a book has got me hooked by how late I stay up reading it. This one was took me into ridiculously late territory.

The book is a contemporary, feel good, romance, and, refreshingly, for more mature readers like myself, the main characters are in their fifties. Rosa is damaged, lost and vulnerable, but so is Harry. Both are struggling with major problems in their lives but they can each offer the other some much needed support. The cast of other characters are well-judged too and the pace is just right.

The story is set in Queensland, Australia, and the author brings the Sunshine Coast area vividly to life.

There’s plenty of romantic tension throughout, and, along with well-judged love scenes, a hint of jeopardy and a thread of credible hope, it all makes for an entertaining and captivating read.

Back Cover Summary:

Rosa Taylor is celebrating her fiftieth birthday with champagne. By the river. On her own.

Just because you are over 50 doesn’t mean there isn’t any romance and fizzle left to be had. This book makes you believe in second chances and never giving up no matter how old you get.

After finishing her six-year long affair with her boss, Rosa is desperate to avoid him in the workplace and determined to forge a new life for herself.

Harry Kennedy has sailed away from a messy Sydney divorce and is resolute in kick-starting a new life on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Thrown together at work, Rosa and Harry discover a secret. One that their employer is desperate to keep hidden. To reveal it they must work together, but first they must learn to trust not only each other but their own rising attraction.

Are these two damaged people willing to risk their hard won independence for the promise of love again?


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