Book Review: City of a Thousand Spies

City of 1000 Spies2

Genre: Spy/Romance Thriller

This is the third in the ‘Conor McBride’ series but it’s not necessary to have read the previous novels Deceptive Cadence and The Silent Chord in order to enjoy this excellent book. However, if you haven’t read them I do urge you to so.

City of a Thousand Spies sees Kate now also working for MI5 along with Conor. They’re still doing their day jobs of hotel keeper and classical violinist respectively. Indeed Conor’s role as a musician will provide their cover for their next mission. A mission that takes them to the beautiful city of Prague. And it’s a mission that develops into something much more complex and dangerous than either of them had anticipated.

The author describes Prague vividly and well. The atmosphere and the pace are pitched as perfectly as Conor’s violin. The characters are fascinating and very well drawn. There’s suspense, peril and such poignant romance. What’s not to love. For me, it’s definitely in the ‘couldn’t put it down’ category.

Type of read: Romantic and exciting. A wet Sunday afternoon, curled up on the sofa, coffee and cake to hand, kind of read – and a do-not-disturb sign on the door.

City of a Thousand Spies is published by Kiltumper Close Press and is available as a paperback and as an ebook.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: City of a Thousand Spies

  1. A clear and concise review. This sounds like my kind of book and that it is partially set in Prague has me adding it to my must-read list; I visited Prague many years ago and loved the city. The gothic mixing with the modern. Nowhere quite like it.

      • Ah, Edinburg, another of my favourite cities. I visited it many times whilst at University of St. Andrews…I’m going into reminiscing mode now…

      • Oh, I went to St Andrews too, but I suspect long before you 🙂 I started there in the 1974. Very fond memories. Now I’m reminiscing too…

      • I started in 1987 and loved it except for the fact I was always cold! I’d grown up in Yorkshire so thought I was tough. First and only place I’ve ever literally been lifted off my feet by the gales. Still miss West Sands – a magical walking place.

  2. I’m thinking this might be a delightful series that’s right up my alley, Anne. As my household is full of violinists (including me) and nearly everybody in it has been to Prague (save me 🙁 ). Hearing them describe the city is enough to make me green with travel envy. I’m determined to see it one day, but for the moment, I may well be satisfied as an armchair traveler.
    Cheers, Anne!

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