Timeout Tuesday – Pictures from Mossyard and Gatehouse of Fleet

Gatehouse 025

As I said in the post previous to this one, the Open Book was quiet yesterday and the weather was good so we closed the shop early yesterday and went for a walk.

We headed for the pretty town of Gatehouse of Fleet and walked in the Cally forest there.

Gatehouse 005

On our way to Gatehouse we stopped off at Mossyard beach. It is one of the smallest but prettiest beaches I’ve ever been on. And it had the most amazing assortment of rocks. Geologists look away now as I’m about to describe said rocks and I know nothing of geology. There were what I think was large piles of basalt, chunks of marbly granite and pieces of sandstone. There were rocks with layers, with marbling, with folds; some were smooth, some were jagged; there were grey ones, black ones, pink ones and creamy ones.

Gatehouse 010

Gatehouse 006 Gatehouse 004

In the Cally forest the ground was carpeted in snowdrops, the river was running high and the trees were just beginning to bud.

Gatehouse 024

Cally Forest Walk
Cally Forest Walk

Gatehouse 017

8 thoughts on “Timeout Tuesday – Pictures from Mossyard and Gatehouse of Fleet

  1. The beach and the woodlands all in one day? And both a feast for the eyes. I’m a big fan of rocks in Scotland–particularly the ones all standing around in impressive circles. And your forest floor looks an absolute fairytale. The flowers and buds and the rushing brook. It’s just ripe with stories about to burst out of it.
    I hope the bookstore adventure is still going strong. Glad you’re finding some time off too.
    Cheers, Anne!

  2. Lovely images, Anne. We’re up in Fife in May and looking forward to it….hoping to head west later in the year. You live in a beautiful part of the world…

    • Thanks, Richard, for visiting, commenting and following the blog. Yes, Scotland is beautiful. Give us a shout if you come as far west as Skye. On 26 Mar 2015 20:59, “Put it in Writing” wrote:


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