January Mindful Writing Challenge days 14 to 19

Here are my next six mindful stones:

A Jan day of snow 2011 021


14. Spirit low. Step out, wood smoke, blackbird, child’s laughter, ice-cold air, mountain’s downslope, hope…

15. Olive-oiled, spitting hot tomatoes; crackling, melted cheese, toasted pinenuts, green-fragranced basil and al dente pasta. The present of a meal.

16. In the dip between the peaks there is light.

17. Pause; 31 years ago today it was snowing in Glasgow and I gave birth to a son. Joyful then, joyful now. Gratitude.

18. Stillness, earth’s damp scent and the chill of the wind, peace, perspective in a moment taken.

19. Birdsong awakens me. No longer the solitary winter song of the robin; more trilling voices acknowledge the earlier dawn. The world moves on.

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