January Mindful Writing Challenge – days 7 to 13

As Promised in the previous magazine post for January, here are the next six stones…


Stones 7 to 13 in the January Mindful Writing Challenge

7. A pause, a realisation, things move on. This too will pass.

8. Right now it’s okay. Bits are better than okay. Right now all’s well.

9. A return to order, freshness and calm. Housework done mindfully – a restorative ritual.

10. Teaching-and-learning – a mysterious loop, a mystical helix, a magical marvel.

11. A gathering – a warm and welcoming house and hosts – good craic and sustenance – the blessing of belonging.

12. Robin needs to eat. Hunger overcomes fear. He takes the seed from my hand. A timeless, magical moment.

13. Amidst tiredness and stress – a moment taken to say I understand – a mindful, comforting moment.


Written as part of this month’s writing challenge on the ‘Writing Our Way Home’ website. Click link in title above to find out more about the challenge.

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