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Today I want to say many,many thanks to WordPress – the hosting platform  for this blog. It’s high time I did.

I’ve been blogging for three years now and have put up 180 posts. I started blogging as a way of publicising my book but it rapidly became more than that. It has now become a sort of journal with posts about my writing life and real life, about art, nature, and any other stuff that interests me, winds me up, amazes me or just makes me stop and think.

'Write Enough' production centre
‘Write Enough’ production centre

I really enjoy writing for the blog and WordPress certainly make it a painless process. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s well supported. The Help Forums are tremendous if you do get stuck and are staffed by both WordPress techies and volunteer bloggers with expertise – something for which, as a bit of a technical numpty, I’m mightily grateful. There are loads of ‘looks’ to choose from for one’s blog and it’s very straightforward to get one set up. And the bods at WordPress are forever improving the tools and applications that are available.

WordPress recently sent me my 2012 report. This was so useful – letting me see such things as – which posts were the most popular – ‘Language as a Barrier to Communication’ was in the number 1 spot; which posts got most comments and who commented the most. Thanks to Anne Mackle – a twitter friend of mine – for the highest number of comments. You can visit Anne’s own very entertaining blog on (whisper it) Blogspot at http://cassam-isanyonethere.blogspot.co.uk

I follow several other WordPress blogs. One that I’m really taken with is written by another twitter friend and writer, Alison Wells. Alison’s blog is always interesting but is even more so just now. She is doing a series of posts on mental health with particular reference to writers. I can highly recommend it. See it at http://alisonwells.wordpress.com

Another blog I’ve just started to follow was flagged up by the folks at WordPress in their  look back at 2012’s successful blogs. I was taken by one called ‘Dar’s 52 Mondays project’ – where Dar aimed to brighten up Mondays with a weekly post. She has a lovely, bright, fascinating blog about ‘nature, creativity, art and more – hmm, sounds familiar 🙂 – and it can be found at http://darhosta.wordpress.com

So THANKS WordPress and here’s to another year of enjoyable, informative and well supported blogging.

AND THANKS to everyone who bothers to read ‘Write Enough’

P.S. a wee trailer for the 2013’s posts – there will be book, TV, cinema and art reviews, guest posts, posts about writing, about island life, social networking and other preoccupations of this subversive old bat.

Slainte Mhath/Cheers – to all who facilitate and who read this blog. I appreciate you.

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  1. Well at long last I’ve came top of the class at something – leaving the most comments, ha ha! I love your blog Anne. I did try Word press for my photography blog and my book review blog but I just couldn’t get used to it I was all over the place and it drove me mad. Blogger doesn’t send yearly reports but that would be good to have. Looking forward to all your posts this year.

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