Small stones for advent – a second handful

7. He stalks the school playground. Jet eyes scanning. At last the bell tolls – games over. He swoops. The raven gets the dropped chocolate santa.

8. Slates rattle, vehicles struggle to hold their line. Pines creak and strain, branches funnel the sniping wind. Bridge closed, boats chained, island battens down.

English: Advent candle

9. Four p.m., dark and still. Christmas lights line the way home. Moon rise sparkles the frost. Crunch, clean world waits.

10. O little town of hill and sea, of weathered stone and cliffs and rocks, decked out for Christmas, nestled down – anticipating.

11. Time links back and forward. My grandchild is born. Eva – a link of love in an infinite chain. An advent, an epiphany.

12. Season of anticipation, of joy, and rekindling of a marvellous hope for the return of the light. Time of renewal, reunion and quiet gratitude.

13. School: concert rehearsing, carol practising, santa phoning. Home: baking, gift-wrapping, packing… Mindfulness? No time 🙂

14. Preparing for a journey – a journey to meet a baby. I wonder at the advent of amazing possibilities – a personal nativity.

15. No donkey on a dusty road but a drive through a sun-glinted mountain snowscape to meet my Christmas baby. True magic.

16. I cradled you and rubbed your tiny back, fell instantly in love. Now you have your own child. Hello wee girl, I’m your granny.


4 thoughts on “Small stones for advent – a second handful

    • Thank you Johanna! I’m very proud that you liked them. It’s been a very moving week. My granddaughter arrived a month early. Mum and baby doing just fine. 🙂

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