A novel for those who are over ‘Chick-Lit’

Shameless self-promotion alert!

I thought this would be a good time f0r a bit of a summer book promo.

Are you, or any of the grown-up, intelligent women in your life looking for a good beach, cottage, staycation read? If yes, then please consider my novel ‘Change of Life’. According to Amazon reviews it’s ‘delicious’ , ‘moving’, ‘gripping’ and ‘romantic’.

The book is available on http://www.amazon.co.uk and http://www.amazon.com and is in both paperback and ebook format.

Below is the press release for the book:

New Generation Publishing

Prize-winning novel ‘Change of Life’ – for those who are over ‘Chick-Lit’.

‘Change of Life’ by Anne Stormont, winner of Edinburgh Writer’s Club 2010 Unpublished Prize, has been receiving rave reviews and lots of  interest. In particular its appeal is to those readers who have graduated from ‘Chick-Lit’ – an intelligent, mature readership.

Anne Stormont set about writing the novel following a cancer diagnosis from which she has fully recovered. She lives in the stunningly scenic Hebrides and is currently writing a second novel.

‘CHANGE OF LIFE’ is an emotional tale, full of warmth, love, hope and moments of sadness – a contemporary story of a modern family under pressure – with very real and three-dimensional characters.

Be careful what you wish for… Wife to heart surgeon and control
freak, Tom and mother to four adolescent children, Rosie feels taken for
granted as she juggles family life and her work as a teacher. She longs for a
change of life. When she hits a teenage boy with her car, her life explodes
into uncharted territory. The boy is Robbie – and Rosie discovers he is part of
a terrible secret that Tom has kept for seventeen years. Then Rosie is
diagnosed with breast cancer. Rosie leaves home and begins the fight for her
life. Meanwhile Tom, is forced to learn what it means to be a husband and
father. He struggles to keep his family together and strives to get his wife

‘CHANGE OF LIFE’ was selected by Waterstones St. Andrews as a
Summer Read and Anne Stormont has been featured in print and on radio.


To request a review copy, please email info@newgenerationpublishing.info


For more information on New Generation Publishing, see: www.newgenerationpublishing.info


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