Speed Dating and Looking for ‘The One’

Derelict House at Riverwood Downs Resort

I have recently parted company from a significant other in my life. I had a string of flirtations and brief affairs while we were still together and have continued this behaviour since we separated. But it’s proving difficult to find a replacement in whom I can place my trust and grow to love.

The decision to make the split wasn’t taken lightly. It had been love at first sight and we’d had seven happy years together.  However,
unreasonable demands during last winter led to irretrievable breakdown and the realisation that it was time to move on – even although feelings were still strong and a huge amount of affection remained.

Yes, dear reader, I’ve sold my house. Move out day was last week and me and the husband are in a temporary rental flat. We want to buy a place in the main town on the island. The sixty mile round trip to work from our former beautiful, but remote, location was getting too much and last winter nearly broke me.

And so has begun a string of fifteen minute stands. We see a place on a dating – sorry – estate agency website. It looks good – photographed from its best side – and described with beguiling prose. We arrange to meet, we eagerly anticipate, we try not to get carried away and expect too much.

But no matter how much we try to rein in our expectations, we are mostly left disappointed. The candidates turn out to be not quite as described – not as good-looking in the flesh and much higher maintenance than is bearable.

It’s difficult to define exactly what I’m looking for – looks aren’t everything – personality definitely counts for more. There has to be that certain chemistry.

But so far there’s been nothing with the wow factor – until today that is.

Today – I came face to face with a stunner with bags of personality. We hit it off immediately.  I think I’m in love and I’m hoping the second date and closer inspection don’t reveal anything untoward.

Here’s hoping there’s a proposal and an acceptance in the offing…


6 thoughts on “Speed Dating and Looking for ‘The One’

  1. Lol! Reeled me in as well! Excellent post – hope for beautiful things to come 😉


  2. Remember – flaws sometimes add a bit of personality and pizzaz! Hope your second look clinched the deal for you.

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