Versatile Blogger Award – and the winners are…

Recently I’ve been delighted to receive, not one, but two ‘Versatile Blogger Awards’ from
fellow bloggers. Thank you to Liz Crump
and Trish Nicholson
for the nominations.

The payback that I have to fulfil, on accepting said award, is that I must reveal seven
things you may not already know about me – so here goes…

I am very small (but perfectly formed) reaching 4ft 11ins when I stand up

I have visited every continent except Antarctica and I hope to delete this
exception before I myself am deleted – especially since…

…I have a passion and a penchant for penguins. I’ve seen them in South Africa and Tasmania.
I even stayed in a town called Penguin in Tasmania – a town that had its own
twelve-foot penguin statue. But I would still love to see the wee guys down
there at the pole. My house and classroom are littered with many examples of
the species – in china, pewter, crystal, fabric…

My favourite drink in the whole wide world is Laurent & Perrier pink champagne.

I am left-handed – but can only use scissors and play badminton with my right

I have many earrings – zillions – can’t stop acquiring them –can’t walk past
Accessorise –so just as well I live 200 miles from nearest branch.

My favourite colour is purple and I LOVE my purple suede boots.

So now you know.

And it only remains for me to nominate my own list of 6 recipients of the Versatile Blogger
Awards. And the winners are –

Fletcher Moss

Joanna Cannon

Nettie Thomson

Jan Carr

Cathryn Louis

Andy Harrod

Do visit some or all of them.

3 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – and the winners are…

  1. Lovely to find out more about you. Perhaps I should move 200 miles away from my local shopping centre, it seems the only logical solution!

  2. I also love earrings! I have pierced ears which closed up when I was younger. Got them pierced again when I was 17. Still have the earrings – and memories of a wonderful summer.

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