Bye Bye Baby

Review of ‘Bye Bye Baby’ by Allan Guthrie

‘Bye Bye Baby’ is a novella. I downloaded it to my Kindle and read it the same afternoon. It was a great post-Christmas, snowed in, day by the fire, kind of read.

Even though it’s short there are a few amazing twists and I didn’t guess the ending.

The book is set in Edinburgh where Guthrie lives and works.

The main character, Detective Frank Collins, isn’t particularly likeable, but Guthrie still makes the reader sympathetic to him.

Collins has his own problems, including an interesting sex life which is now causing marital problems, and some unusual dynamics in his professional relationships.

It seems at first to be a police-procedural – and it is – but it’s more than simply that. What seems to be a child kidnap and ransom has a lot more to it. There’s something extremely odd going on.  It’s deft, original and entertaining. It’s also very good value for money.

Guthrie has published several full length paperback crime novels – and I’ll certainly be reading more of his work. In fact I’ve just downloaded another of his novellas – ‘Killing Mum’. I just need an excuse to curl up in the armchair – oh good – it looks like rain.

Bye Bye Baby is available as an e-book from for 86p

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