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Final two pebbles – a last ripple in the River of Stones

Stepping stones across the River Carra.
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So, here we are – across the river, on the last day of the  #aros – A River Of Stones project. I have really enjoyed taking these little moments out of each day and recording a single observation. Sometimes I’ve been surprised by the thoughts that have suggested themselves. I also decided to keep the stones within twitter’s 140 character maximum – I didn’t have to do that but I liked the discipline of it. I’m not good at brevity 🙂

I plan to transfer all my little stones to an AROS page here on the blog.

 It’s something you could try for a month any month, and it needn’t be for publication – it could just be set down in a notebook. At the end of the month you have little meditations that are especially pertinent to you. 

Thanks again to Fiona Robyn whose idea the AROS project was.

Jan 30th

Sunday bliss – Golden, oven warm cookies – apricots, sultanas and oats, dipped in Taylor’s Rich Italian Blend coffee.

Jan 31st

January – a journey of moments that has not been about the destination.

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