Final two pebbles – a last ripple in the River of Stones

Stepping stones across the River Carra.
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So, here we are – across the river, on the last day of the  #aros – A River Of Stones project. I have really enjoyed taking these little moments out of each day and recording a single observation. Sometimes I’ve been surprised by the thoughts that have suggested themselves. I also decided to keep the stones within twitter’s 140 character maximum – I didn’t have to do that but I liked the discipline of it. I’m not good at brevity 🙂

I plan to transfer all my little stones to an AROS page here on the blog.

 It’s something you could try for a month any month, and it needn’t be for publication – it could just be set down in a notebook. At the end of the month you have little meditations that are especially pertinent to you. 

Thanks again to Fiona Robyn whose idea the AROS project was.

Jan 30th

Sunday bliss – Golden, oven warm cookies – apricots, sultanas and oats, dipped in Taylor’s Rich Italian Blend coffee.

Jan 31st

January – a journey of moments that has not been about the destination.

7 thoughts on “Final two pebbles – a last ripple in the River of Stones

  1. Hi Anne

    Congrats on completing a month of aros’ – I agree it has been good to take time out and reflect and those that jump out of you and especially pleasing, if surprising!

    Looking forward to seeing future ones.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Anne
    Yeah, even tho i’ve only dipped a toe in the river a few times #aros has been a very pleasant distraction. T Thanks for sharing your pebbles and particularly for drawing my attention to the river in the first place.
    A calming and inspirational experience.

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