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AROS – a second pile of small stones

This is the second instalment of my #aros small stones. (Please see my January 7th post for an explanation of the AROS – A River of Small Stones project).

Jan 8th

Slow build up. Overnight avalanche. My world became monochrome chilled. Disturbing beauty – only skeletal definition – waymarkers gone.

Jan 9th

Ingredients thoughtfully assembled, mixed in meditation, baked golden sweet. Eaten in reverence and remembrance of what she taught me.

Jan 10th

Metal studded straps and soft black rubber – feels good. People stare admiringly. “Love your rock-chick wellies,” they say.

Jan 11th

Perhaps at last I can see, embrace, enjoy, rejoice, forgive. Perhaps at last it’s all right to be me.

Jan 12th

Photograph – long gone golden-haired children. I stop, mine the memories, smile – grateful, happy and a little bit sad.

Jan 13th

Mouse and me – eye-to-eye. Panic cowers in the dark corner. I scoop him up and set him free. Calm for now.

Jan 14th

Friend sends a timely message. Son texts – he loves his mum. Husband calls for lunch time chat. I see that I am not alone.

Jan 15th

Gale-driven onslaught of rain. Tidal rush surges and hurls huge, cliff-blasting waves. I batten down, This too will pass.

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