The sky falls on Skye

Strange noises in the night – like a sliding door opening and closing – turned out to be snow avalanching off the roof. We awoke to our most substantial fall so far this winter. Six to ten inches depending where you place your wellies.  The track has been ploughed, but a wall of snow means the car is trapped. We’re officially snowed in. I took some photos around the garden. I hope you enjoy them.

8 thoughts on “The sky falls on Skye

  1. You live in a fantasy land! How absolutely stunning. Snow at the seashore. I am a Florida girl. Only lived with snow while in college (long, long ago). Ah, for the world to snow me in, to have seasons that make you stop and be still, together and “home”. We only get that with impending hurricanes.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The snow is very beautiful – and I love it as long as there’s food in the house, the power stays on and I don’t have to be anywhere. There’s not just snow at the shore – the sea loch is actually partially frozen. Right now Florida sounds very tempting – without the hurricanes of course 🙂

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