Into The Desert Exhibition – preview

Eight Cuts  – those of you who’ve been paying attention will know exactly what this is – is about to have its first gallery exhibition. See for a full list of, and links to, exhibitors. The exhibition runs from October 1st until November 30th.

In this post I present my personal pick of the previews. As always Eight Cuts takes the word ‘eclectic’ pummels it, kneads it, stretches it to its limits and shapes it and bakes it into a damn fine, tasty mix.

Here’s my sample:

  • Stacy Ericson’s ‘Images without Borders’ showcases and sells photos with all profits going to the charity Doctors without Borders. Many arresting and thought-provoking pictures.
  • Penny Goring’s ‘Bone Dust Disco’ is disturbing, poignant, cheeky and laugh out loud funny.
  • Natasha Guy’s poetry includes the hymn to love – ‘Steady Lover’ – a read it and weep.
  • Andy Harrod’s ‘Decoding Static’ blog is a rich and delicious blend. There’s music and books and plenty of his own writing and reflections. His ‘Love Letters to the Mind’ parts 1 & 2 are achingly sad. His novel ‘Deception’ – a work in progress – is a psychological study of responsibility and choice.
  • Quenntis Ashby – WOW! Gorgeous poetry. From the poem ‘Wake Up’“Tune into you and switch off your berries and pods and eat them instead as you unfreeze time and the images imprisoning the spirits of artists such as yourself.” Then there’s the amusing and clever ‘Mr Grape’ and the gut-grabbing ‘Suicide’.
  • Grace Andreacchi’s website is a thing of beauty and her poems for children are superb. But that’s not all. there are plays, fiction, non-fiction. One example of her wonderful writing that I particularly enjoyed was ‘The First Stone’  – a clever retelling of the ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’  bible story.
  • Allyson Armistead’s – inspirational blog on writing. Great honesty, humanity and support on offer here for writers as well as an interesting reading log.

So spend a little time at the gallery over at Eight Cuts and see the above – and more – for yourself.


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