And on the starboard side you can see Anne hanging out her underwear…


Holland-America cruise liner sails up our loch

I was hanging out the washing yesterday. It was a good, drying day – bright sunshine and a strong breeze. I’d done my usual round of the garden – checked out the new agapanthus plants, watched a couple of tortoiseshell butterflies flitting about on the buddleia, pulled some weeds.

tortoiseshell butterfly on buddleia

Yes I can do outdoor procrastination too! And yes it’s not just writing that brings on the ‘P’ word – certain household chores have the same effect.

Anyhoo after I’d counted the fish in the pond – five, checked out the new calf on next door’s croft – white, female, Highland, cute and watched Sanna and Domino, the horses, doing some sort of necking dance, I got down to pegging out the laundry.

five fine fish

No sooner got focussed when something caught my eye – something moving just above the clifftop at the foot of the croft. Three white pillars seemed to be moving along the loch, close in to shore. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. A few moments later all became clear. The chimneys were the funnels of a great big cruise ship – more and more of the vessel became visible as she progressed up the loch. What a beautiful sight.  I grabbed the binoculars. She was a Holland-America cruise liner according to the writing on her flank.

Highland cattle and a cruise ship in the same shot - what's the chances?

I got back to the washing. As she drew level with the bottom of our garden I could hear a woman’s voice coming from the ship – some sort of tour guide commentary I presume. My guess is it went something like this ‘On the port side ladies and gentlemen you will see the magnificent Trotternish ridge leading all the way down to the  world famous Cuillin mountain range and starboard you’ll see Mrs Stormont hanging out her underwear.’

I  blushed, gave them all a cheery wave and resolved to invest in some new pants.

And back out to sea to who knows where...

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