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A Scorpion among the Bananas

Beware bananas with a sting in the tail! Last week it was reported in our local newspaper, the ‘West Highland Free Press’, that a scorpion had been found in a box of bananas at the Portree branch of the Co-op. Staff secured the beast in a box and contacted the Skye Serpentarium. A spokesperson for the Serpentarium who took the scorpion into custody said that they were trying to identify exactly what type – i.e. how deadly this specimen is. The spokesperson also said that although they’d previously received several types of creatures from supermarkets , including spiders, frogs and big cockroaches, this was the first time they’d been given a scorpion. I think this was meant by way of reassurance!

From now on I’m going to adopt the phrase ‘that’s put the scorpion amongst the bananas’ as a variation for ‘cat among the pigeons’ 🙂

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