Half Birthday

Six months now since ‘Change of Life’ was published. It hasn’t quite made it into the bestsellers  – I know! – How can that be? 🙂

Joking apart – I won’t know until the autumn how many copies have been sold, but it’s not about that – honestly it’s not!

It’s been great fun – seeing it in bookshops and on Amazon and getting lots of lovely positive feedback from readers – some of them haven’t even been friends or family. One of the most pleasing ‘crits’ was from the manager of a branch of Waterstones who got in touch to say how much she’d enjoyed it and that it was going on the shop’s recommended summer reads table. Cool or what?! And it’s lovely when people ask me to sign their copies or say that they’ve recommended it to others.

Mind you, not everyone is treasuring their copy or seeing it as a potential investment. The book has been spotted  in a local charity shop. I’m not sure whether to be miffed of chuffed – I mean recycling it is better than binning it isn’t it? Yeah, the donor probably enjoyed it so much that they wanted to share that joy…

I keep a copy on my desk and sometimes pick it up and stroke it or read a page at random just to remind myself that ‘I did this!’ Having it nearby when I’m writing helps to spur me on when the going gets tough with novel two.

So not a bestseller but I reckon it’s still something to be proud of – and if you bought a copy – thank you.

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