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Clearing a blockage

Sorry not to have posted anything for a fortnight. I’m told by those who know about such things that it’s very bad form not to post at least three times a week. All I can say to that is – ‘those who know about such things’ are obviously not working full-time as well as writing a novel and having family responsibilities. Apparently I should have postings pre-written for use in the times when I’m too busy to write posts. Eh – what? So –  not only do I have to find time for all of the above but I also have to find time to pre-write postings. Sorry – no can do! My aim is to post once a week and so far I’ve just about managed it.

So what was the problem last week? Writer’s block – that’s what. The novel had stalled. One of my main characters – the male – had gone quiet. I couldn’t reach him or get inside his head – I needed to get to know him better but he wasn’t having it. It was SO frustrating. I’d sit at the PC hoping he’d come through – but no. I tried ‘interviewing’ him, I tried moving on without him, I tried re-inventing him – but no joy.

Then came a breakthrough. There I was staring at the computer screen, praying for inspiration and it happened. I had my i-tunes playing and a track called ‘Your Ghost’ by Greg Laswell came on – and that was it. I’m not sure if it was the words, the tune, or the mood of the track but whatever it was, it did the trick. Mr Main Character was back and he was talking non-stop – desperate to tell me his story.

So I just had to get on and write down every word he said. Hence no posting last week. I managed to write 2500 words in my free time last week. I’m proud of that – no matter what ‘those who know about such things’ might have to say on my neglect of the blog. So there ! 🙂

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