Writing Room

I’m very fortunate to have room to myself in which to write. It’s the sitting room at the back of the house, and my desk sits in a corner.  Beside the desk is a small cupboard where I keep all the folders of writing related paraphernalia – cuttings, ideas, notebooks etc. Above the desk is a large pinboard covered in inspirational photos, cards and quotations. I got a new computer recently – with Windows 7 and all that. I particularly appreciate the wide screen monitor, having always worked on a laptop before. I can now have two documents open side-by-side on the screen – which makes editing much easier.

My writing room has a small conservatory attached to it and so, when I need to get up and walk about, I can go through to the conservatory and look out over the croft and the loch beyond. If I look north I can see the Outer Hebrides and looking south there are the summits of the Cuillin mountain range – certainly an inspirational view.

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