Competition Win

Last Friday I was invited to read  out my competition winning entry at the end-of-term assembly at the school where I teach. It was about twins, Fergus and Fiona, and some dinosaurs. I was delighted when the 200 or so children (aged 3 to 12) all sat very still and quiet as I read, and then they burst into applause at the end. Quite a buzz!

Competitions are very good discipline for aspiring writers. You have a deadline and a specific brief – very good for focussing the mind. Some judges also provide feedback which is a very useful bonus.

2 thoughts on “Competition Win

  1. wish you didn’t leave the piece exclusively for your pupils.
    what about all the rest of us?

    would you kindly post the story?


    • Hi Revital,
      I haven’t posted the story here because I’m seeking publication for it as a picture book. I don’t think publishers would approve of it being pre-published on the web. But thanks for your interest. 🙂

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