Writing Magazines – Mslexia is Number One

There are many magazines produced for writers. Of the monthlies, my favourite is probably Writing Magazine which usually has at least a couple of useful pieces of information. However, I think the quarterly publication, Mslexia is in a league of  its own. It has interviews with experienced and well-established authors. There are features on all aspects of writing. The ‘ Inspirations’ section lives up to its name with motivational pieces, tuition pieces and the very useful ‘first draft’ section where a writer shows a first and final draft of a part of their published work. There is also the ‘Guidelines’ section where you can find out about anything from online magazines to writing poetry for children. There are several and varied opportunities to submit your own work to the magazine – in the form of competitons and short features. And then there’s the directory section with its ‘What’s On’ and competition listings. Visit the mslexia website at www.mslexia.co.uk and the blog at http://www.mslexia.co.uk/blog  

I have gleaned a lot of extremely useful information from Mslexia over the years and can recommend taking out a subscription 

Mslexia is described as being a magazine for women who write but I think it would be just as entertaining and informative for the other lot as well.

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